Food Technology Cooking Overview Semester 2 , 2013

WEEK Year 5 Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
1July 15th


-Introduction to the kitchen layout, equipment, safety rules

– Poster on a Kitchen Safety Rule

Theory– ‘Dangers in the Kitchen ICT’– Appearance, Aroma, Texture & Taste  activity  Theory Review of Kitchen safety-Good/bad kitchen habit analysis– Kitchen safety mind map


Review of Safety in the KitchenBasic Bread‘Tear and Share Loaf’  Design Brief– Shopping list & Work Plan for Design Brief
2July 22nd Complete Safety PosterLearning to use a knife

Fruit Kebabs with yoghurt dip

Best pancakes ever

Simple marinated chicken and salad souvlaki

Introduction to design brief process

Homemade pasta with pesto sauce

Using a pasta machine

3July 29th

Learning to use the grill

Mini UFO’s

Chili bean tacos


Collect homework

Basic Spaghetti with garlic, oil & chili

– design for ’Pasta Design Brief’


‘Tear and Share Loaf’  Design Brief’


4Aug 5th

Learning to use the stove

Café Style- Scrambled eggs

Basic  Muffins

‘Muffin Design Brief’ design

Basic scones

– Shopping list & Work Plan for ‘Pasta Design Brief’


Tear and Share Loaf’  Design Brief report writing (theory)

5Aug 12th

Veggie pikelets

Bean and spinach korma.

– Shopping list & Work Plan for ‘Muffin Design Brief’

Pasta Design Brief      production

Introduction to Food Intolerances – give out project

Gluten, nut & dairy free muffins


6Aug 19th

Tandoori chicken wrap

Muffin Design Brief


Pasta Design Brief

report writing (theory)

Collect homework

Tomato based sauce gluten free pasta


7Aug 26th

Learning to use the oven

Biscuit Design Brief

Muffin Design Brief

-report writing (theory)

Hearty chicken and vegetable soup


Chicken Pie

Collect project

8Sept 2nd

Vegetarian Cheese Egg Tarts


Apple galette

Lemon Delicious


1. ‘Mincemeat types’ student experiment

2. Mincemeat Design Brief –  design

9Sept 9th

Simple fried rice

Collect homework

Bacon & Spinach macaroni cheese

Healthy chicken nuggets, chips & salad

1. Lebanese spicy mince wraps

2. Mincemeat Design Brief – Shopping list & Work Plan

10Sept 16th

Hummingbird cupcakes

‘4 Ingredients’ cooking challenge

Basic Italian Risotto

– Design for ‘Risotto Design Brief’


Italian crostoli

Term 1 Homework ‘Foods around the world‘ Worksheet

Quiche Design Brief Prep

Risotto Design Brief Prep A Food Intolerance Project
11Oct 7th



Potato & spinach frittata



Basic Crustless Quiche

– Design for ‘Quiche Design Brief’

 Rice pudding with almonds & apple puree

– Shopping list & Work Plan for ‘Risotto Design Brief’ 



Mincemeat Design Brief


12Oct 14th

Simple healthy chicken noodle soup

Tuna rice & vegetable paper rolls

– Shopping list & Work Plan for ‘Quiche Design Brief’

Risotto Design Brief –Production

Mincemeat Design Brief

Theory – writing up the report

13Oct 21st

Mexican chili vegetarian bean dish

Crustless Quiche Design Brief-Production

Risotto Design Brief– report writing (theory)

Beef stroganoff

14Oct 28th

Easy pizza


Collect homework

Crustless Quiche Design Brief-

report writing (theory)

Introduction to Vegetarians (theory)

Cauliflower & Lentil Dahl

Sticky date pudding

15Nov 4th

Healthy banana, apricot and sultana oat bars

Homemade Fish & Chips & Salad

Collect homework

Vegetarian cottage sausage rolls


16Nov 11th Spicy carrot & corn fritters with salad

Sizzling garlic beef with broccoli stir fry

Zucchini fritters & Salad


Cornish pasties

Collect homework

17Nov 18th

Tangy bacon zucchini pasta

Apple Crumble

MasterChef donuts

Thai curries

18Nov 25th

Tuna Mornay

Homemade Pizza  – Design your own topping

Shepard’s Pie


Gnocchi & veg sauce

19Dec 2nd

Caesar Salad

Pasta salad


Easy fish cakes & coleslaw

Marinated chicken skewers & Rice Pilaf


20Dec 9th

Xmas Cookies

Hamburgers Deluxe


Xmas cooking

Lemon yoghurt muffins Catering

Music concert

21Dec 16th

Xmas  Cookie Decoration

Xmas cooking

Xmas cooking

Xmas cooking

Term 2 Homework

‘Talking about my generation’ research survey

‘All about Fish’ Project


‘Let’s have Chicken Tonight’ Project

‘Food Detective’ – food label & origin analysis 

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